Photo education


School supplies:

If we must sustainably challege the scourgae of Malaria and AIDS in Africa, education is the foundation. CHAMA works with communities in Africa to provide school supplies:  as pencils, tuitions, paper, school uniform, and other essentials so that education is within reach for everyone. We are supporting families, communities and orphaned children to ensure that families never again need to choose between food and education. We also support the local teachers by providing educational tools and materials.

Community school projects:

Our goal is to bring school to the communities where there is none or where kids walks several kilometers to attend school. We are currently building a 6 classroom block for a rural community in South Eastern Nigeria that had existed for over 100 years without a school. The kids have lost interest in school because of the suffering associated in the walking distance. 

Currently, the GEM community in Kenya has donated a land free to CHAMA for free to build a school for a community where children walk about 4 hours daily back and forth to school. We have commenced plans to build a 6 six class room school in the GEM community, Western Kenya by 2024. A strong educational foundation is key in eradicating these curable and preventable diseases. The orphans we support in African villages are living in chronic poverty. As a result, quality of education is difficult because of poverty and long distance in walking to school. Bringing affordable school in the community will help remove the barrier.