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Single mothers’ sewing project and youths’ skill acquisition:

There is a strong correlation between malaria, a poverty disease and the economy because malaria is a poverty disease. About 90% of the children dying under the age of 5 in Africa come from either low income families or single parents. We also focus on empowering women through skill acquisition and poultry management. A strong foundation is key in eradicating these curable and preventable diseases. CHAMA mission expanded to include single parents separated, widowed, divorced or never married. We work to improve the quality of life of single parents and their children by helping them in dress making, catering services, fashion and design and other crafts trainings of their choice in other to help break the jinx of poverty, care for themselves and their children and make positive changes in their lives. On graduation, CHAMA empowers each single mother with a brand new sewing machine to start their own sewing business.

In addition, we also focus on empowering youths through skill acquisition. We work in rural areas with over 80% youth unemployment rate. We are surrounded by talented youths who want to better their lives for themselves and families. We are helping them to harness their talent by training in arts, meson, photography and seed funding them to establish their business after training. By so doing, CHAMA is helping to end unemployment which leads to empowerment and breaking the cycle of poverty.

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Workshops and educational training programs:

One of the most pressing challenges being faced by single mothers in Africa is the social isolation experienced by these young moms. CHAMA continues to design and implement a broad range of workshops and educational training programs; personal growth and development classes. Donate today to support our single mother’s economic project.