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To turn the pain of child loss to malaria into a message: that no child should be left to die of Malaria, AIDS, or another poverty disease, irrespective of race, class, gender, social location or religious belief.

To be the largest volunteer-led socially responsible movement on planet earth that empowers volunteers and under-resourced communities to challenge the socio-cultural and economic factors that render children and persons vulnerable to Malaria, AIDS, and other neglected poverty diseases in hard-to-reach areas.

"I am sorry" Is a language of the spirit, that can only manifest through the mouth of those who are Spirit-led, Spirit-filled, Spirit permeated, team, centred and who put others ahead of themselves" (Dr. Olugu Ukpai, CHAMA CEO-& Co-Founder).

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Challenge AIDS & Malaria in Africa (CHAMA) is a registered not for profit charity foundation in honor of "Goodness" (a twin sister to "Mercy") who died of Malaria in March 20th, 2006. Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, CHAMA aspires to be Africa’s most vibrant community organization for healthcare and well being by treating Malaria, reducing poverty and the incident of HIV/AIDS infection in Sub-Sharan Africa.

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6649 Chisholm Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA B3L 2R6

Email: chama.org@gmail.com
Phone: 902 431 4630
Cell: 902 223 2790