Due to poverty and being unable to take care of her baby, a woman in Uganda chose to throw her son in a bin with a note attached. The note read "He is 1 year, and 5 months and he is malnourished". There was no name on the note. Our CHAMA volunteer member in Uganda who moves around rescuing street children spotted him and reported this to the police station. The child was taken to a local orphanage for care. CHAMA paid for his treatment and sent money for his upkeep. CHAMA named him baby HOPE since his mother didn't disclose his name on the note, she left on him.

A couple who heard the story on how CHAMA gave hope to baby HOPE was touched. They donated land to CHAMA: saying "Please use it to build an orphanage in UGANDA because there are so many baby HOPE’S out there looking for CHAMA for love and care."

According to statistics, there are over a 2.5million orphans in Uganda. Out of the 2.5, 1.5 million are orphaned by AIDS. This underscores the need for an orphanage to provide the basic needs of parental LOVE.

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In 2018, through the generous partnership with Peter Peters, New Beginning Ministries (NBM), Canada, our CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Olugu Ukpai, CHAMA relocated to Uganda for 6 weeks for the groundbreaking construction. CEO led 71 CHAMA volunteer warriors from 11 African countries to Namamera Village in Eastern Uganda for the construction to complete the Village of Hope.


Challenge AIDS & Malaria in Africa (CHAMA) is a registered not for profit charity foundation in honor of "Goodness" (a twin sister to "Mercy") who died of Malaria in March 20th, 2006. Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, CHAMA aspires to be Africa’s most vibrant community organization for healthcare and well being by treating Malaria, reducing poverty and the incident of HIV/AIDS infection in Sub-Sharan Africa.

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